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Abundant Life

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If you do not have a Personal Pastor who you can talk to, or who will speak The Blessing over you, or Pray the Prayer of Faith for your wants or needs, call me at 321 536-6238.       Click Here for more Information

The Free Sermons on this Site Will

 Absolutely Increase Your Faith For Your Finances

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This Site is Available to Everyone Free of Charge and is Sponsored by the Partners of this Ministry

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This site has been designed to Increase Your Faith for Finances

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hear God’s Word on how to live the ABUNDANT LIFE.

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New teachings added every week.


Empowering God’s People

for Success


You Can



God’s Blessings Will Come to You


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Call or email all of your family and friends who want or need financial increase and tell them to come to this site,

Faith for Prosperity will Increase Your Finances

Faith for Prsoperity ONLY COMES by hearing God’s Word on Prosperity. There is no other way.

Financial Programs will help you manage your money but God’s Word on Healing and Prosperity will change your life and Increase your Finances.

You need both a Good Financial Program and God’s Word on Prosperity in order to become Financially Independent.

Learn how many Christians have become successful by appling God’s Word.

God does not want you to live your life being broke or sick.

Imagine Yourself Living an Abundant Life

Never again will you have to live with a lack of finances

For People who want to live in the Blessing of Abraham God’s Word will save your soul, heal your body and pay your bills.

Listen to these messages and I absolutely guarantee that you will notice a change   in yourself and your bank account will begin to increase.

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Start Today

Nothing to Lose

Pastor Jim Kibler The Increase Teacher

These messages are for people who need to be fed on God’s Word concerning Prosperity and Healing

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You can determine your own schedule to Hear God’s Word.

Personal Prayer for Healing and Finances

Do you need a breakthough? Is something holding you back?

Are you tithing and giving offerings and still have trouble paying your bills? This should not be.

This site may be what you have been looking for.

This is an Awesome Site. You will be so amazed that you will be telling all of your friends about this.

This Site is meant to Increase your Finances and Healing  and to bring you into the Abundant Life where you are suppose to live according to John 10:10

Warning: This Material may cause Extreme Excitement as you begin to increase.

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Praise Reports

Hello Pastor Jim,
I thought I would share what happened yesterday.  On Monday, you sent me the Blessing of Abraham and I started right away. :-)
On Tuesday, I was working from home.  One day per week, my employer wants everyone to work from home so as I was home, I started the day by writing a check to your church.  I wrote the check for 10 dollars which is what was left on my account to make it until the 25th.
At 10 am, I took a break and went to the post office down my street to mail the check.  I then listened to two of your sermons entitled “Test God” while working.  I had never thought of that so I did it! I tested him!
At 7:25pm, I received a phone call from a friend of mine.  She wanted my bank account number to transfer money she owed me.  She had owed me that money for several months and I must say, I had given up on that money.
Needless to say, she transferred 398 euros which makes about 515 dollars! Now I have more tithing money to send your church AND I will have no problems to make it until the end of this month. Bless the Lord!
That might not seem like a lot to certain people but to me, it is a lot.  I’m a single mom and I had no clue how I would pay for food and gaz this month.  But I knew God would take care of it.  That’s why even though I tithed when I received my pay check on the 25th, I had no problem sending out my last ten dollars.
I have paid most of my debts, but am still paying off one credit card and my mortgage.  I can’t wait to see how God is going to supernaturally pay that off. :-) I believe I have the blessing!
Thanks again for your teaching and God Bless you!
  • One of our members, a single mother, received a new house. She had no credit.
  • A lady was healed of pancreatic cancer.
  • A partner received thousands of orders for their new invention, after living hand to mouth for 10 years.
  • A member, after being blessed went home and received a huge financial blessing.
  • A widow on Social Security, who lost her life savings, received a check for several hundred thousand dollars, which was almost 4 times what she lost.
  • A man who had liver cancer was totally healed and later sold 4 commercial buildings that would not sell and a little while later he and his children received a financial blessing of 1 million dollars.
  • A lady who had breast cancer, which had spread to her entire body, was completely healed.
  • A church received a $12,000 blessing after we were there.
  • A man with a melanoma which had spread was totally healed.
  • We helped a man, who was working for minimum wage, start a lawn care business. Within a few months he had crews working for him and he now owns a new house.
  • A lady owed about a half a million dollars in medical bills which were denied by the insurance company due to experimental treatments. The insurance company changed their mind and paid off the bills when they did not have to.
  • One man made more money after being laid off than he made while he had his job. His job was not his source.
  • We helped a couple, who had no jobs, start a cleaning business and now they are making good money.
  • A 83 year old lady with major heart problems was completely healed. Open heart surgery was canceled and she was sent home from the hospital.
  • A lady had a sore knee and back and could not work for two weeks. She was prayed for and spoken over and is healed, back at work and got a check in the mail for $5,000.
  • A couple was behind in all of their bills and their house was in foreclosure and after being prayed for and spoken over they received enough money to get everything caught up, including all of their house payments.
  • A Man was healed of conjestive heart failure.
  • People in church told how they had come to our church sick and broke and were soon well and financially prosperious. This happened to so many people over the years and we give all the Glory to God.

 Get started on the path to Abundance Today.

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Get Results

You will be amazed how easy it is to Live in the Blessings of God.

This site gives you complete access to all of Pastor Jim’s teaching messages on increase which you can listen to on your computer or download.  All we ask is for a simple donation when possible.

Messages include:

  • How to Pray.
    Learn how to pray and get results every time.
  • How to Receive From God.
    I assume you already know how to give. I will teach you how to receive.
  • How to Activate the Blessing of Abraham in your Life.
    The Blessing of Abraham is not automatic in the life of Christians and having it activated can produce incredible financial results. The blessing even had to be activated in the life of Abraham. Learn how this happened.
  • How to break any curses which may be hindering your finances. There may be curses operating in your life which were spoken by you, your father or your ancestors which can have a devastating effect on your finances.
  • How to get Wisdom.
  • How to Receive your Inheritance.
  • Secret Information on Finances.
  • The Image of God.
  • How to Program Your Life For Success
  • How to Program Each Day in Advance  (Every Day will be a Great Day)
  • Changing Your Circumstances
  • The Power of Your Tongue
  • How to Get Blessed
  • Anything is Possible For You
  • How to Remove the Blessing Blocker
  • The Connection Between the Blessing and the Tithe. You may be tithing in the wrong place and this could explain why your finances are not increasing. 
  • A great series on Why it is “God’s Will for us to be Healed”. People will get healed just listening to this.
  • And Much More Financial Increase Teaching Material.

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Don’t miss this.

  • All Sunday Morning and Wednesday evening messages are posted the following day.
  • Articles with Ideas On How To Earn Money.

 You can expect:

  • Your Finances will improve.
  • Relationships will improve.
  • Health will improve.
  • You will receive more money. It does not matter if you are on a fixed income on have a low paying job.
  • Begin to live a stress free, worry free and happy life.
  • You will learn how to receive what God has already provided for you.
  • You will become Empowered for Success.
  • Your Children will become Empowered for Success.
  • Curses will no longer be operating in your life.
  • You will be out of debt.  (Takes less time than you think)


Pastor Jim has a special anointing to pray for Healing and Finances and prays for Partners every day.

God’s People should not have trouble paying their bills.

    1. We will help you Break any Curses that may be hindering you and causing problems in different areas of your life. Curses can be passed down for generations and can have terrible affects on your health or finances. Many people have curses operating in their lives and do not even know it. Once these curses are broken, breakthrough comes quickly.
    2. Learn to overcome any unforgiveness, or root of bitterness, because many times this is a major reason people are not increasing and prayers are not answered.
    3. Discover ways to earn money and put you on a program to increase your finances. You will be amazed at how many ways there are to earn very good money.
    4. Pastor Jim will be available to pray with you, or for you as needed.

Learn how to Empower Your Children For Success. You will be amazed at what happen in their life no matter what their age.

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This material will absolutely will teach you shortcuts to Increase Your Finances and Put you on the Fast Track to become successful no matter what your age.

Become Empowered for Success

  • You will be given individual and personal help to increase your finances according to your situation.

You have found a Gold Mine. Dig in and watch your Finances Increase.  

Start Now. Don’t miss out.

Pastor Jim’s objective is to help you increase in every area of your life.

God Bless You as You Increase!

About Pastor Jim Kibler

Pastor Jim Kibler is a graduate of Mount St. Mary’s College in Emmitsburg, Maryland and Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He also did graduate work in business at George Washington University in Washington DC. He is Pastor of Victory Christian Chapel, a thriving, growing and prosperous church in Melbourne, Florida.

Pastor Jim and Mary, who is also a graduate of Rhema Bible College, host the popular radio program, Increase Now.

In addition, Pastor Jim is a Financial Increase and Motivational Conference Speaker and everywhere he speaks, finances increase and churches grow.

Pastor Jim is also a Personal Pastor to people who do not have a Pastor who they can talk to, or who will speak THE BLESSING over them, or will pray the prayer of faith for their wants or needs.

Mailing Address:

Pastor Jim Kibler
1608 Elizabeth St. Melbourne, FL 32901